Welsh Corgis vom Ghei

We are sorry but we no longer breed Welsh Corgis!

Franziska Polasek

We have been breeding Welsh Corgis since 1988. We live in a small farm house surrounded by fields outside Meisterschwanden, a village in the canton Aargau (German speaking part of Switzerland). When we established our kennel, we lived in Seengen, another village not far from Meisterschwanden, in an area called "Ghei", hence the kennel affix "vom Ghei" (of Ghei).

Ever since I was a young girl I loved dogs and walked dogs of neighbours. My first own dog was a Swiss herding dog mix called Harry that I trained. After Harry's death I wanted a pure-bred dog and it was to be a Corgi. I had fallen in love with Pinewalk Serenade of Lynfarne, a lovely Pembroke bitch of great character and charm imported 1976 from England by Sylvia Hächler, a breeder and friend of mine. Franziska with "Goldie", 16 years

So, in spring 1986, the first Corgi arrived at our home. It was the bitch Dändy Castel of Hallwyl, born 28.12.1985 (Scotch du Moulin de Kergonan x Lynfarne Mary-Rose), bred by Sylvia Hächler in Seengen. A year later Dändy was joined by her full sister Evi Castel of Hallwyl, born 18.3.1987.

These two became our foundation bitches. Dändy had her first litter of 8 puppies on 21.1.1988. Sire was Russell of Wey, a UK import owned by H.U. Häberli, while Evi had her first litter of 6 puppies by Pickwick Mufty on 2.3.1990.

Dändy with her puppies

In 1993, we imported the Pem bitch, Kilvewood Star of Bethlehem (Kilvewood Tree of Life x Kilvewood Easter Bunny), from Mrs Lloyd, UK. She had two litters, one with Artus v. Ghei in 1995 and the other one with Balz v. Ghei in 1996.

So far we have bred 23 Pembroke and 3 Cardigan litters. The last Pembroke litter was born 17.12.2007 (Robbie Firecatcher x Sunshine v. Ghei) completing the alphabetic name cycle with the letter Z. The next Pembroke litter was planned in 2009.

Four Pembroke generations

Normally we don't keep any males but use the services of available stud dogs. Quite a number of sires came from Mrs Jutta Erismann' s "Ynghard-i" kennels in Germany. The last stud dog we owned was Ta-pas-un-os du Trésor des Vikings, a tricolour called "Tapi", who sadly died in July 2008, only 7 years old, presumably of leptospirosis.

In 1994, Barbara Schaad asked me whether I would breed a litter with her Cardigan bitch Torwen Annemieke imported from Germany in 1992. On 31.5.1994 Annemieke produced a litter of 6 puppies by Antoc Gregory. We kept Kosak vom Ghei and I co-owned his litter sister Kalinka with Barbara Schaad. Two bitches, Pennylane Klucky v.t. Hoge Vondel imported from Holland (1995) and Catellus Cain-Catalina from Finland (1999) unfortunately never produced any puppies. So 10 years passed before the second Cardigan litter was born on 4.8.2004 by Swiss & Int. Ch. Kincroft Kaitangata out of Swiss & Int.Ch. Floatin' Bronant Bronmai (NL imp.). The next litter (repeat mating) produced 8 puppies born on 25.10.2008, their names restarting with the letter "A".

Beauty (Floatin' Bronant Bronmai) with her first litter of 9 puppies

We strive to breed healthy, friendly family dogs that are eager to work and have the correct weather resistant coat. Many of our dogs live to a ripe old age, the record holder being Chestnut vom Ghei who died on 3 October 2008 at the age of 18 years and 7 months. Her eyes were still clear and she had maintained her lovely colours.

Chestnut v. Ghei (01.03.1990-03.10.2008), photographed on 2 June 2008

Puppies are born in the house where they spend the first few weeks. When they are 4.5-5 weeks old they are moved to kennels in the adjacent barn and, weather permitting, to an outdoor play pen during the day. At intervals they are also let out into the garden where they, under supervision, can meet the other dogs. Each puppy gets plenty of individual attention so they are well socialized when they leave for their new homes between 12-14 weeks of age, minimum age is 10 weeks. From the age of about 8 weeks (after the first vaccination) all puppies are taken to puppy socialisation classes and those who have not yet found new homes are later taken to training classes.

Outdoor play-pen

"vom Ghei" kennels have been certified by the SCS (Swiss Kennel Club) and are regularly inspected by officials of the Swiss Kennel Club and the Swiss Welsh Corgi Club. All puppies are sold vaccinated, wormed, microchipped and with SCS (FCI)-pedigree and Pet Passport required by the EU.

We both love to work with our dogs. I have successfully trained some of them to titles of CD (companion dog, similar to a title in obedience) and TD (tracking dog).

In the middle of the 1990s we took up agility with great success. At the Swiss Agility Championship in 1998 Anton and Daisy v. Ghei gained the title of Swiss vice-champion and qualified twice for the Agility World Championship in Dortmund 1999 and Helsinki 2000. Daisy (Russell of Wey x Dändy Castel of Hallwyl) was also successful in the show ring and gained titles such as German and VDH Champion, International and Luxembourg Champion, "Deutscher Bundessieger" and "Zentral-Europasieger". Daisy never had any puppies.

Anton Polasek with Tapi, Ruth Amato with Tapi's daughter Scarlett vom Ghei
and Franziska Polasek with Scarlett's litter sister Sunshine v. Ghei (left to right). 2007

Also Golden Girl and her daughter Pearl v. Ghei were competing successfully in Agility Small 3.

Franziska Polasek, 2009
(Transl. Ano)